Monday, 8 September 2014

Struggling with "wonky" perspective

As an artist I enjoy the process of trying different styles and combining them to create a finished piece of work. My first two books used a similar line style but the colouring was quite different.
Most of the colour in A frog named Bob was what I would call "flat colour". The colour in My hairy, scary best friend was a mixture of flat colour and water colour.
I enjoyed mixing it up like this.

I still consider myself to be on something of a journey with regard to illustrative styles though there are certain key "signature" pen strokes that persist throughout.

I have a problem with "broken" perspective.
There's something in me that hates to draw something and call it finished that isn't structurally sound.
I picked up a book earlier called The crocodile who didn't like water. It's a wonderfully illustrated picture book by the extremely talented Gemma Merino. Gemma's line style for the book was colourful and gritty. A few illustrations feature bath time and the depiction of the bath has what I would call "wonky" perspective. It looks fantastic but I have his real problem with drawing like that.

Recently I conducted a few pencil tests whereby I tried to draw a few of my characters in a much looser style. I didn't want to be too constrained by the physics of where stuff should sit and how it should look.
It just didn't look right and I binned it. Or rather I didn't think it looked right. An agent or publisher - or more importantly a young reader - might have loved it!

I need to get over this and move on. I guess I also need to consider my style in more detail and stop trying to fix what isn't necessarily broken.

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