Friday, 15 August 2014

My new book - My Hairy, Scary Best Friend

I am so thrilled by this. My second children's picture book My hairy, scary best friend is now available to buy on Amazon.
I've worked really hard with this book to use a different style. I'm not necessarily out of my "comfort zone" but it's a style that uses a little more detail and texture than I'm used to.
I think the results are really good and I'm totally jazzed by how the two main characters came out.

It's a story of a young girl called Martha. She's something of a tom-boy in that she is fascinated by monsters and dinosaurs.
One night as she sleeps a magical light show fills her bedroom, centering on her sketchbook. A sketchbook full of her creative monster scribbles.
The next morning she is in for a big surprise as right there in her room is... :)

I wanted to tell a simple story about a young girl whose best friend is a monster!
The monster terrifies everyone he comes in to contact with. As you'd expect. But there's a twist in the tale and soon those terrified people start to realise something.
There's an underlying theme here dealing with prejudice but that is by no means my primary objective with the story. It's just a story about a kid with a monster buddy experiencing what you would expect a kid with a monster to experience!

This was great fun to write, plan, illustrate and put together. Hugely rewarding.

Click here to see My Hairy, Scary Best Friend at Amazon.

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