Monday, 21 July 2014

A Frog named Bob - my first rhyming picture book for children

I am so thrilled to have completed my first picture book.

A Frog named Bob is the first in a series of books that I have planned about the adventures of a bunch of animal friends. Bob is a frog who doesn't understand what noise he should make. Essentially he doesn't know how a frog should say "hello" :)
The story follows his hopping between his farm animal friends to ask them how they say "hello" in the hope that it will help him understand.

A preview of the book is available here as a PDF.
The story is aimed at pre-school age children and is designed to be read aloud. I think it works in a group environment or as a simple bed time story.

I had two goals in writing this story.
First, to engage the child and second to use full colour cartoons.

To engage the child I used a "what's over the page" dynamic.
The reader has the chance to ask the child "what sound does a --- make?" and as the page is turned the child can respond.

I deliberately selected common animal sounds and illustrated each sound to be as ridiculous as possible :) Huge fun.

I published the story through Amazon's CreateSpace service. I cannot speak highly enough of this service. It really is so simple and easy to use. After the details were locked and the book commited for publishing I had an issue with some text in the description.
There's a number for member support. I called it and spoke with two guys. The problem was resolved in minutes and the level of support superb.

I'm so excited to be crafting these stories and getting them to market in a very short space of time.

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