Thursday, 12 June 2014

Writing and illustrating my first book

I have been thinking a fair bit recently about writing and illustrating my first picture book. I would aim the story at young children aged between 4 and 8 and write the story in such a way as for it to be read aloud.
I love reading to my children and that final cuddle before bed whilst they pore over the colourful pictures and enjoy the story is precious.

I love the idea of capturing a child's imagination before bed time. Children really must be children and enjoy each day and all the new things that it can present. To go to sleep with a head full of new thoughts, sights and ideas is such a wonderful thing. I would love to craft a story that sends a child off in to another place where they might start their own adventures.

The story concepts that I have tossed around in my head so far range in style somewhat.
I started with the classic distant kingdom fantasies of dwarves and knights and earlier settled on a little robot who has become lost in a grim but surprisingly colourful post-apocalyptic city.

If truth be told I want to write and illustrate them both and all in between.
I'm less interested in farm yards and animals going to sleep. That stuff doesn't grab me in any way so I'm not sure I would do it justice.
But the principle of breathing life in to a character or characters remains. It is this that appeals to me more than anything. The crafting of a character and gently nudging him or her in to a situation and seeing how they fare. If I've supplied all the correct ingredients to the story the results could be interesting!

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