Thursday, 26 June 2014

More Disney love

I recently received the book A Disney Sketchbook from Amazon. It's a large hardback book (larger than A4, not quite A3) that contains no words just a ton of pencil sketches.
It is to be quite honest just beautiful.

I grew up loving Disney and now as an adult I probably admire them more. As father to two young children with their own love of Disney and cartoon animation, it's a huge thrill to continue exploring the enormous back catalogue of design work that the studio amassed.

The Walt Disney Animation Archives series in particular is not to be missed.
I have just the one: Story (Walt Disney Animation Archives). It's a wonderful exploration of how Disney's take on so many stories evolves. The art styles are different in each case and a beautiful reflection of the range of artists working there over the last 100 years.

My love for the Disney style grows by the day with every new piece of work that I find.
In my constant pursuit for my own style I turn to this fantastic coffee table collection for inspiration. Conceptual art and model sheets hold, for me, considerably more charm and appeal than the finished item.

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