Sunday, 8 June 2014

Glynis Barber line drawing

A youthful Glynis Barber drawn using the HB Pencil (0,0,0 RGB) and Studio Pen (0,0,0 RGB) in Procreate on iPad. I resisted the urge to put more detail and colour in to her face. It just doesn't need it.
I'm still very much learning to handle hair.
Straight and lightly wavy hair are more manageable with some simple sweeping of the pen. I prefer a clockwise motion and Procreate lets me hold the iPad steady and actually rotate the image. Much more preferable to rotating the iPad itself.

Glynis' eyes are incredibly intense here. She really is a strikingly beautiful woman. The slightest mistake or overuse of lines would kill the image so I refrained from adding the slightest of details. 

With art like this there's always the potential for being overly critical and wanting to add more.
I was at that point and found myself wanting to just add marks for the sake of it. So I signed it and saved it.

I'm very pleased with the result.

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