Monday, 19 May 2014

Sketching and painting on the iPad

Just lately I've spent less time writing and more time creating. My little side project - the Playstar Arcade - needed a couple of new games so I created a few simple and hellishly addicting games in the same vein as Flappy Bird.
But more crucially I dedicated some time to what has always been my first love; sketching.

I've always enjoyed just sitting with a blank sheet of paper and sketching and cartooning whatever image passes through my head. It's this almost subconscious doodling of nonsense that fills most of my sketch books. I have too many sketch books full of nonsense. As much as I enjoy the process of scribbling with a simple ink pen, biro or HB pencil it was all getting just a bit too much. I never throw them away (of course) so I'm now a hoarder of largely useless scribbles.

The decision to move to digital was easy. I have an iPad Air. It's beautiful in every respect. I use it every day, it comes with me everywhere I go and it has an app for everything. Better still it's a million sketch books in one without the need to clutter my book shelves.

I quite often sit in a cafe in the town centre for my lunch. I'd fire up the Writer app on the iPad and type up a blog post or just some ideas for a game. It's a huge amount of fun and lord knows I could spend all day doing it.
Then one lunch time I noticed a few interesting looking people sat opposite me. The urge to draw them was too great.
I'd had FiftyThree's Paper app on the iPad forever and used it most days to reflect some ideas. I fired it up and started to sketch out these "interesting" people with by finger. The result was ok but nothing special. I decided right there that I needed to be taking this a little more seriously and by that I mean a proper drawing stylus and a richer painting app.

Wacom were my first port of call for the stylus. Their Intuos Creative Stylus is just a dream to use.
The incredibly versatile and powerful ProCreate app was then my choice for the drawing and painting.

This for me is the dream combination. iPad Air, ProCreate and Wacom.

I've since progressed beyond simple sketches and taken to painting. I recently sat in the cafe and started painting the background for one of the most influential movie scenes from my childhood. After a couple of days fine tuning and colour balancing I completed it.

Thrilled with the outcome I'm now focusing on some other works and will post my thoughts, updates and scribbles here alongside the other ramblings. 

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