Friday, 2 May 2014

More dreams to try and make sense of

In a succession of frankly strange dreams this week I have found myself wandering half naked through a university town in England, driving a car through a school, sat pitch side at a rampant South Korea (8 - 0) v Italy in the world cup, taking a tour of a friend's house with endless stairways and in by far the best of the bunch dating the actress Suranne Jones.

Suranne Jones
The obvious delights of spending the evening with Miss Jones aside the other dreams leave me baffled.
I live in England, I walk the house half naked occasionally (especially in the warmer weather), I drive, I went to school, I love football... but how on Earth does my brain choose what it is going to show each night? If, as the popular and not necessarily scientific belief goes, dreams process the events of the day then what the hell have I been doing?

Occasionally when I've had a belter of a dream (i.e. surreal beyond words) I write them down. A short and sweet synopsis of the key events. This week's dreams are not at all odd by the standards that I have set over the years. In fact they are positively tame. But I wrote them down none the less.

I thought it'd be interesting to step back and briefly take a look at what each might mean.

Walking naked in public isn't uncommon in dreams. I'm no expert but I'd be willing to bet it has something to do with an inferiority complex or a deep rooted anxiety. Possibly a vulnerability or simple desire to tell the world that I'm quite normal. Carrying a disability probably lands me in each of these camps so occasionally walking naked in my dreams makes a bit more sense. What's interesting about this recent dream is that I walked naked amongst some very clever people.
What's also interesting is that when I realise my nudity in the dream I do nothing to cover up!

Driving a car through a school is to me a straight forward act of rebellion. This apparently happened during my last day in high school back in 1986. Allegedly somebody took a Mini through the main doors of the school and drove it down a corridor. Quite what they did at the other end I've no idea. I've yet to find someone who actually saw this happen!
I'm not even curious about rebellion. I've always railed against things that I find utterly tiresome. More often than not I do it silently or secretly but the effect to me is the same.

I love football. I love a stretched game of football. i.e. counter attacking at pace. That fantastic sight of 3 forward players bearing down on 3 defenders and a keeper.
This I think is in direct retaliation to the dull tiki-taka football popularised by Pep Guardiola in recent years. Pass, pass, pass, pass, possession, possession and not a single shot on target.
Keeping the ball in football is a great idea. You can't concede if you have the ball all the time. But when the opposition keeper is just a spectator to all your fancy pants passing it's pointless.
Goals win games not possession. Just ask Real Madrid or Chelsea in the last 7 days versus (Bayern Munich and Liverpool respectively)

Walking around a friend's house isn't uncommon.
The house in question was a wonderful 1930s art deco style semi that had been "done up" to have a distinctly Parisian feel to it in each room. Especially the bedrooms. My friend, the guy that owns the house, is French so no surprises there.
We walked around the ground floor for ages until I eventually asked "you do have an upstairs, right?"
The sarcasm wasn't lost on him.
So we took the stairs to the first floor. Bear in mind that this place has just two floors.
At the first floor were three beautiful bedrooms. In one of the rooms another staircase led up to a second floor. Here I walked out on to a balcony overlooking a beach. True paradise.
Paradise in a typical English suburban street?
Back in the corridor another staircase led higher. Once there another staircase, and another...
I'm at a loss to explain this. It's possible that I'm not feeling entirely settled where I am. This would be a deep emotion since I most definitely feel settled. Perhaps there's something more. I don't know.
I may ask a dream person about that one if I can find one!

Dreams are great and I dream a lot more than I used to. Why I'm not sure. Possibly my eyes are more open than they once were.

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