Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Art and The Art of Getting By

I've enjoyed watching films streamed through Amazon's Prime subscription lately. I particularly enjoy watching the kind of film that wouldn't necessarily grace the high street in peak movie season.

Last night I caught The Art of Getting By (

I'm hopeless at reviewing films but had to mention that it's been delivered a fairly rough set of cards by the internet's movie critic fraternity. It's really not such a terrible story and for me rather well acted by the young (or not so young anymore) Freddie Highmore. He fits the role of awkward yet intelligent teenage loner rather well.

I confess I'm a bit of a sponge for this kind of story. I always felt awkward in school despite having a good circle of friends. I guess I never felt completely comfortable with the protocol of school life; the things we are supposed to say and do and the way we were supposed to develop as students.

I always railed against the art tuition. My art teachers (except one) were pretty dreadful. They were preoccupied with teaching technique through the most dull and arduous of exercises. In the latter school years it wasn't uncommon for us all to be sketching the inner workings of a car's radiator with graphite or charcoal.
No room for expression, just sketching by numbers.

I enjoyed Highmore's performance. I'd seen him in Toast as the young Nigel Slater and enjoyed his performance in that. The film suited my mood last night. Perhaps that helped. Would I watch it again? Yeah, I reckon I would.

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