Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tom Waits is my saviour

"A voice soaked in gin."

Or so the saying goes.
I've fine tuned my musical tastes slowly over many years. I still love the thrash of guitars and drums but over time the hard rock requirements have subsided and given way to a more mellow and reflective taste.
Recently I picked up (downloaded) an album by Radiohead's Thom Yorke. Another by Leonard Cohen. A couple more by Trent Reznor and finally Tom Waits' Heart Attack and Vine.
It's the latter that gets played the most. So much that I added to it earlier with the 1973 release Closing Time.

It's different to Heart Attack but still a fine album. More Dylan than I'd expected. More country as well. But I like Dylan and I like country so it's all good.

I love Waits' voice. It's pure and yet edgy. Simple and yet capable of so much expression. His ability to almost change persona mid song is I can see something of a signature move. I love it.

I listen to music that is appropriate to my mood. I always have done. On a sunny day tearing down a road with the roof back I'm perhaps more inclined to listen to something with a bit of bounce or attitude. But I rarely do that and just now Tom Waits is defining my mood rather than vice versa.
I must say its a nice place to be.

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