Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Lunch folks

Sitting watching the world go by with my iPad and some lunch. I normally head for some secluded or relatively inactive spot to escape it all for that one hour a day that I can. But today I fancied seeing some life.
Tom Waits’ Closing Time is ticking over in the background as I type.
I confess I'm pretty relaxed right now.

There's a guy wandering around in front of me. He seems to be waiting for someone. Occasionally he'll look up at the buildings in the town. Quite inexplicably really. There's a notebook under his arm. An older bloke, possibly mid 60s, so not that old. Jeans, pink shirt, smart shoes. I'd love to think he was up to no good. Possibly waiting for somebody to go and share a whiskey with whilst they plot the assassination of some key official on the local town council.
In fact he looks the type. Shifty and uncomfortable being out in the open for too long. That said he's done nothing to disguise himself. The glasses are regular glasses. Not a tint in sight. No hat, no overcoat. Nothing. This guy doesn't fit the stereotype that's for sure.
Oh wait, his wife showed up. That's that then. Who knows what the notebook was for but I'm willing to bet they're off for coffee and lunch and to plan this week's bridge party.

A fat woman sits down beside me. Smiler. Large cream cake, large coffee. Happy. I'm convinced she’d be quite the looker if she could remove the numerous lumps from her face and separate her chin from her neck. You see that quite a lot. She’s probably the same age as me. Still, she's happy and there's a lot that can be said for that. Probably remarkably clever and witty, too.

Time passes with little to note and I'm forced to reluctantly pack up my things and head back to work.
The coffee was dreadful. Fortunately the slice of carrot cake was not.

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