Monday, 7 April 2014

A beautiful story well told

I finished Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea.
It's really a very special story. Beautifully constructed and beautifully told.

I suppose in reality I'd expected the ending to be a little different to the one that I'd wanted. As disappointed as I felt for the old man I have to confess I felt a tremendous warmth for him and his achievements at sea.
Much of how we feel about the outcome is reflected beautiful in the weeping boy. His friend and tutor had fought bravely to land the fish and then bravely to protect it. He leaves the experience with his head held high. A fish so large had never been seen in the harbour. The old man, our young boy's great friend and great mentor was indeed a great fisherman.

I'm left with a number of emotions. Firstly, I have tremendous admiration for Hemingway and his portrayal of the old sea dog. An old sea dog who had one last fight in him. An old sea dog who triumphed against the odds and for whom countless stories will be told to generations of budding fisherman to come.
Better still such stories will most likely be wildly embellished since the old man was alone at sea.

I have a real enthusiasm for short stories and a particular fondness for Hemingway's style. I very much hope that this isn't a one off and that his other stories are as captivating and beautifully told.

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