Monday, 10 March 2014

Writing short stories for a younger audience

I always wanted to cover every angle with my creativity. I love the idea of writing short stories as much as I love the process of creating arcade games or sketching cartoons. As a lover of film and dramatic TV I think I'd probably find the creating of story ideas fairly easy. The rather more complex and challenging process of writing and constructing the story is a different matter. For that I'd need to research exactly how you do it and do a lot of practice.

The genres that I'd write in would be pitched at a younger audience. 9+ most likely. High fantasy and science fiction featuring most prominently.
I might even fancy my chances illustrating them! 

Crucially though I am very keen to learn how to write effectively. 
Story structure, conflict, tension, pay offs, building drama, character definition... there's much to learn.
If I get it right I imagine it'd be another fantastic way of lightening the load as it were. A potentially cathartic exercise that helps me to take life's crap and place it on the shelf marked ’sorted’.

I'm not expecting to be Ernest Hemmingway overnight but then I'm sure neither was he.

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