Saturday, 22 March 2014

Some dreams that I just cannot explain

What do dreams really mean? I do wonder sometimes.
If as the popular theory goes they are a means of the brain processing the information it has collected throughout the day, then I'm not sure what there was to make of yesterday's activity.
A pretty ordinary day by anyone's standard. I collected my daughter for school, went to work, went to the GP for a blood test, had lunch, collected the children to come and stay with me... all good but nothing really remarkable.

So what did my dreams consist of last night?

Well first up (I've no idea how many different 'stories' I dreamed over night but two stand out) I was back living at home with mum, dad and brother. It was a Sunday and we were all preparing for the visit of a family friend, her two young children and her mother.
Dave (my brother) and I were watching TV and alternately being called upon for chores. Pretty dull. Dad was doing his Dad thing and making sure we'd all got a drink and enough wine for the dinner table.

Our guests turned up. The children came in (two girls aged 6 and 8) made a B-line for the TV. Grandma came in and stood talking to my mother. Then the girl's mother came in carrying a couple of bags from the car. She was pretty stunning! Mid 20s. In my dream I was a teenager. It was quite strange but there appeared to be chemistry between us as she walked in. She smiled and we exchanged a kiss on the cheek.
Interestingly as I looked in the mirror I was wearing an old news boy's cap. The baggy kind a la De Niro in his Godfather stage. Maybe it's that that did it for her :)

As we sat at the table eating I sat opposite her. We didn't say much but I caught her looking at me with a cheeky smile between conversations and mouth fulls. I was still wearing my cap!

After the meal we all sat around talking. Dave was showing the girls how to play on a video game. I was reading. The girl's mother was talking with my Mother. I desperately wanted to get her alone. I think that's what she wanted too. The sense of anticipation was enormous. A truly strange dream. None of what I'd wanted to happen actually happened.

I cannot deduce anything from this dream. I watched a De Niro film last night before turning in but I'm not sure that lended anything to the events in the dream other than a baker boy cap and a cheeky grin.

My second dream involved a car crash.
I'd watched the car in front of me on a fairly quiet country road swerve to avoid something. It lost control and ditched. I was first on the scene and went to the aid of the driver. Bizarrely there was no driver. I'd only just watched the incident unfold yet there was no driver!
There were no other clues. The car was a write off.

For assistance I looked up at a church. It was set back on a hill much like the house in Hitchcock's Psycho. Sinister looking for also pretty grand. A Norman church. Angular and powerful looking.
As I approached the doorway there was a large sword buried deep in to the soil. Curious I picked it up and entered the church foyer.
I could hear an argument.
Three separate factions all squabbling. Each group was dressed according to their kingdom. Welsh wore a Dragon's crest, Scottish wore a blue and white cross and the Irish wore green.
As I stepped in they stopped their argument. I paused until finally somebody broke the silence with "and who the hell are you?"
Nervously I muttered "England".

As the rest of the dream unfolded I became central to negotations.
The arguing gave way to agreement and much back slapping until we all raised our swords.
I remember saying "Gentlemen, let us call this union the great union, Our United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland."
And there was much rejoicing :)

Now if the first dream had a helping hand from Robert De Niro the second dream was completely left field.
I just cannot fathom why I should adopt the role of national mediator. As I woke this morning I remembered the latter with some clarity and smiled. In fact as I type this blog entry I've probably only been awake a matter of 5 or 10 minutes.

Recording dreams is something I should do more. Odd but strangely theraputic.

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