Thursday, 13 March 2014

Man City's performance against Barcelona in brief

It tends to be far easier to stomach defeat when your side has played well.

Last night Man City played a far better game than they did at home to Barcelona in the first leg.
Travelling to the Nou Camp and getting the result was always a huge task but for the first 60 minutes we pressed Barcelona and looked like a goal could come from our persistence. 
Messi's skill payed off and his goal killed the tie.

That said Barcelona are of course a quality side and for me their key player last night was Jordi Alba. Absolutely nothing got past him. He was sharp and when called upon rapid to respond. A perfect full back in so many respects. His movement and execution were clinical. When he saw the threat he was quick off the mark to take the ball from the feet of the advancing City player and then like clockwork slotted back in to position. It was like watching a highly skilled thief on a tight piece of elastic.
We could have had so much more joy down that right hand side if he hadn't been there.
But that's football at the highest level.

Our players put in good performances. Despite a fatal error and some very lucky decisions his way I was pleasantly surprised and overall happy with Lescott's performance. He's no match for Kompany sadly but there in lies a far deeper issue. If we don't win the title this season we can definitely point to a huge gap in that position alongside our captain.
Kompany was a legend. He usually is. A pure captain and a fantastic central defender. He's sharp and clinical and excellent at reading danger. Vital to the team's success in the next few years. But he needs someone similar. Mats Hummels we want but will we get him?

I was left disappointed by the result but heartened by the desire on show. We shouldn't have a mountain to climb to present that kind of performance. If we can play like that every week we stand a fantastic chance of lifting the premier league trophy. 
As it stands I still think it's Chelsea's to lose despite what Mourinho would have us believe.

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