Monday, 24 March 2014

Dreaming of monsters, dragons and being attacked by skeletons

Possibly the lingering effect of plenty of cheese and red wine the other night but last night's dream was a corker. It had everything. Far too much to document and avoid confusion so I'll just list the basics.

I was on holiday with my wife (soon to be ex wife). We were in a small chalet that was situated in the grounds of my daughter's primary school! Yup a whole 1/2 mile from the house. Some holiday!
I woke one morning to discover that my wife had left so I spent a few hours wandering the cobbled back streets of a medieval looking harbour town.

This town was no ordinary town.
The inhabitants were quite happy to share their space with dragons, monsters and all manner of mythical creatures. During the day the monsters were generally relaxed and / or sleeping. This included and almighty dragon that lay on the beach soaking up the sun.
A small herb (pressed in to a flat almost chewing gum like state) called Dragon Bane was available for huge amounts of coin on the black market. Bane dealers would evade the law by employing scouts to linger on street corners. If you had enough money you could purchase a single bane strip and for as long as you were chewing it the creatures would just ignore you.

As the sun dipped the creatures became more active. The larger ones were generally quite calm. But certain areas of the town were strictly off limits after dark.
The promenade along the sea front was the playground of the skeletons. Viscious sword-wielding entities whose primary thirst is for human blood. Even the law would avoid the sea front at night.
So quite unsurprising then that I should find myself staggering along the promenade at midnight.

At this point an old school friend walked alongside me. He advised that the sea front was not safe at night and ushered me down a path. It was only then that my walking turned bad. Generally in my dreams I can walk or run. But right then reality struck and I just couldn't put one front before the other.

As I limped along the narrow path we were confronted by a group of skeletons (they apparently always walk in numbers) and forced in to the water to escape. Swimming fully cloathed and with limited use of my legs in a murky lagoon wasn't ideal. Nor was the 30 foot drop from the bay side.
When I surfaced my friend was gone and I was in the grounds of the school just yards from the chalet. My ability to walk had magically returned and it was no longer night.

I'm sure that on closer inspection my dreams would present some sort of explanation for my thoughts and emotions. The separation, the solitutde, the fear, the need for friendship, the struggle... it's all there.

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