Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Stanley Kubrick season

I've always admired film directors. Especially the effective ones. Kubrick, Cronenberg, Fincher, Lynch to name just a handful.
Stanley Kubrick in particular has always fascinated me.
His attention to detail and tireless pursuit of perfection with his art appears both intensely frustrating and extremely admirable.
If we accept (as I do) that art is best defined as expression then Kubrick epitomises this.
Everything we see on screen is a piece of the director. His use of light, staging, innovation (steady cam springs to mind for the iconic scenes in The Shining) all add to his pursuit of cinematic perfection. His films aren't just his films they are in fact him!

So I've set myself the goal of watching every one of his films over a period of weeks.
I believe all of his work is now available. Clockwork Orange was famously withdrawn by the director following criticism of the material and its alleged links to a string of copycat murders. But that self imposed ban has since been lifted following the director's death in 1999.

I look forward to poring over his catalogue of films. Spartacus I've seen a few times and a fine film it is too but I've never seen Lolita or Dr Strangelove. I'm used to seeing Peter Sellers as the buffoon in The Pink Panther so to see him in dark satire will be interesting.

I'd also like to see the lengthy documentary Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures.
It's available on iTunes for around £9.99 so I may watch it first to whet the appetite.

As a film lover and somebody who has always wanted to express in film it'll be an interesting exercise and insight in to the mind of a first class film artist.

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