Sunday, 16 February 2014

Who will win the Premier League?

You have to love Jose Mourinho. He's full of it.
Sure he's a top manager and knows how to get the right result by structuring quality players to face the team on the day. But lordy he's full of it.
I suppose the Premier League missed him and his endless baiting of the other top flight managers.
As a Manchester City fan I'm happy to see Pellegrini avoid the flack and ignore the comments. He lets his players do the talking.

Chelsea deserved their win early February at the Etihad. They were the better side. 
Yesterday we deserved our revenge. As games go this one was key. Arguably more important than the previous encounter.

So who will win the Premier League this season?
It's anybody's guess. But the main contenders are all in action against one another this weekend and the FA Cup is a prestigious trophy. Despite Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and City all having their eyes on the league title I'm sure that they all want that Saturday final in May.

My own prediction is for City to edge Chelsea by a narrow margin and for Arsenal to slot in to 3rd and Liverpool fourth. They'll do well to nudge Man Utd out who will surely continue to push for Champions League football next season but I think they'll do it.

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