Friday, 14 February 2014

Try something different for 30 days - inspirational video from Matt Cutts

I follow Matt Cutts' every word, it seems.
As a web guy, blogger and Google user he seems to crop up everywhere. And rightly so. His clear plain-English communication of details that in the wrong hands could be conveyed as gobble-de-gook, are a pleasure to listen to and digest.
So it was with great interest that I found this short video courtesy of TED.

It's clear, concise and very inspiring.
So thanks to Matt and his trademark words of motivation I am now planning 30 days of doing something that I wouldn't ordinarily do.
Right now I have a few ideas ranging from taking a photo of something or other each day, sketching something, not watching TV (!!), avoiding news headlines, walking more (a fair challenge for a disabled guy) and writing a novel. Well, why not. 1,000 words a day ought to be enough for a short story. If Hemmingway can do it then why the hell can't I!

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