Monday, 17 February 2014

The plot for Star Wars Episode 7

I was chatting with a friend recently about the next films in the Star Wars saga.
I'm rather a fan of JJ Abrams' work so the debate surrounding the director (as popular and contraversial as that is around the web) didn't really crop up.
We were more interested in the plot.

When we were kids back in the late 70's and early 80's it was always understood that there would be 9 films in the saga. When Jedi finished and it all looked pretty final with the Empire defeated we were left a little flat as to what might come next. Sure episodes 1,2 and 3 were always possible although we at that time imagined they'd be more about Luke and Leia and less about Darth Vader.
Of course the entire Star Wars saga to date is really the story of a precocious young boy with mysterious origins who rises to become the most fearsome leader of the galactic Empire.
Anakin's awful transformation from young man to mechanical monster in Revenge of the Sith is still one of the high points of the entire series for me.

So here in lies the problem as we saw it. Who or what becomes the primary antagonist?
Star Wars worked so well because the bad guys were so well defined. From Vader, to Grand Moff Tarkin through the various unsavouries scattered throughout the galaxy to Jabba and of course the Emporer, the enemy were always clear to see and their motives were quite transparent.
But without the Empire where does this new threat come from?

I don't follow the Star Wars forums and fan sites. Perhaps there is more light shed on this around the web. But in a way it's kind of fun not engaging such conversations and just allowing my own mind to conjur up some scenarios.

A natural development of the plot would be to see the offspring of the good guys from Jedi develop their own goals and battle a new galactic order of evil. Perhaps Han and Leia's child would become him (or her) self the leader of such an evil group.
The Empire's sympathisers were spread far and wide. Probably enough to see the movement regain momentum even without its natural leaders.
What's more with the most powerful force in the galaxy swept aside there's now room for a new face of evil. 
Some how it seems a little obvious that our new heroes would also become good guys fighting the bad guys. It might be nice to see them battling against their legacy and turning evil. Possibly initially as revolutionaries and then being consumed by the power. Imagine an intergalactic Che Guevara! A guerilla mastermind that brings a new freedom to the people of an oppressed planet only to be seduced by a mysterious force. THE force.

Well we didn't arrive at any conclusions but it was fun speculating. If any die hard Star Wars fans read this I'd be interested to learn what the community consensus is on the potential plot line. Presumably it's all still shrouded in mystery!

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