Friday, 14 February 2014

How to get a good score in Flappy Bird

Ok so I've downloaded this blessed thing and played it to death. I think I'm starting to see why the poor young lad that made this monster is having such a hard time.
As games go it's terrible. Worse than terrible in all honesty. But God it's addicting. As game designs go it's bang on.
Atari's designers used to hold true to the maxim that games should be simple to learn yet very difficult to master. Makes sense. If we can't play it or at least attempt to play and understand it it's pretty much dead before we've started. But you don't want people shooting through your challenges with ease. You want them coming back for more. A lot more.
Flappy Bird delivers this but hell fire it's maddening.

So how do you actually score in this game? It's hellishly unforgiving of the slightest error. 
Well I've devised a fail safe plan for getting a respectable double figure score - play it to death. The basic parameters of probability suggest that in roughly equal measures your skills should increase in proportion to the chance of the randomly generated piped terrain falling sweet for you. I.e. Being lined up fairly central.

I gave this wretched thing a whole half hour today and went from averaging 1 or 2 every minute to around 8 or 9 every couple of minutes. 
Is there any point to it? Nope. But you can feel some sort of a sense of bashing the dev with concrete gloves!

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