Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bradley Cooper in Limitless and it's very good!

I seem to have watched Bradley Cooper a fair bit this last week. Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook and last night Limitless.
His performance in Silver Linings was stunning. In fact it was so effective it came as quite a surprise to see him in a quite different role in Limitless.

As thrillers go Limitless works. 
Like most films I catch on the smaller screen those vital opening 10 minutes are up against the effects of a good bottle of wine. If the action grabs me the wine compliments the film. If it doesn't the wine wins and I just wind up drunk with a bunch of random pictures flickering before my eyes :)

The film won.
I don't enjoy writing reviews as there's plenty of sites better equipped to do that around the web, but something that deserves special mention for this particular movie is deep sense of fragility that surrounds the entire premise.

A struggling writer acquires a wonder drug that allows him to think and analyse a situation with complete accuracy thanks to its ability to utilise 100% of the brain's power.  Suddenley the words flow and his manuscript is not only delivered in full to his tiring publisher but she accepts it immediately. The world opens up for Eddie (Cooper) and he realises that there's some serious money to be made beyond the world of writing.
Eddie's ability to earn money quickly rapidly transforms his lifestyle. Overnight he's a multi-millionaire and is attracting the attention of a lot of people. Many of whom he doesn't necessarily want to be rubbing shoulders with.
A persistent threat from the underworld that he once courted to acquire his start in professional life, the law (of course) and the demands of his ruthless and high-powered employer played brilliantly (of course) by Robert DeNiro.

What works here is that everything that Eddie's built up is dependent upon his taking this single tablet every day. If his source of tablets dries up everything he's built up collapses around him like a house of cards.
It works really well. We feel his desperation when he suffers the set backs and we enjoy his jubilation when things work out.

I'm enjoying watching this guy's movies. So far I've seen him take on three different roles and perform them extremely well. 
Which did I prefer? Silver Linings for sure. Thoroughly captivating. But a fine actor we have here and in the future his name on a cast list ought to be enough to warrant a look at the preview at least.

I guess if I had just one criticism it'd probably be that Jennifer Lawrence was nowhere to be seen in Limitless. The two work well together and I like Jennifer Lawrence. Actually that may have nothing to do with any acting chemistry. Can't have it all :)

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