Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ah, Game of Thrones

I missed the 3rd series of Game of Thrones when it ran on Sky last year. Silly really considering I'd watched the first two series as box sets and was excited for the next installment. I guess I'm not much in to scheduled programmes anymore.
The boxset of the third series was released earlier this month and I finally found some time to sit and watch it last night. 
It really does feel like a huge comfort to be sat in the company of the familiar characters. 
The dragons have grown, the Stark forces are advancing, life beyond the wall is still perilous and Dany is still quite striking. Perhaps most alarming is that the rather awful Joffrey is quite mellow just now. I'm only two episodes in so I'm sure that will change!
Everything I've heard about this series leads to the stunning and shocking climax. I can't wait to see what unfolds and tune in to the fourth series that's due in April.
It's great to have avoided the buzz and spoilers for so long to just enjoy a good bit of drama.
A wonderful TV show.

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