Saturday, 26 October 2013

World War Z and Hummingbird - enjoying a couple of film nights

I took the night off designing computer games last night to enjoy a film. In fact I've done this the last two nights.

Thursday I watched Brad Pitt in World War Z. Last night I watched Jason Statham in Hummingbird.
I found both films rather unremarkable but strangely watchable.

World War Z is yet another the-world-has-gone-to-shit picture with a mystery illness turning people in to "zombies" that within moments of being attacked find themselves racing after prey themselves. The zombies are rather comical in that they'll hurl themselves off high buildings and walls to reach their targets and generally behave like lemmings.
The film is of course nothing new. Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later gave us the idea of super fast "zombie-like" infected humans that would stop at nothing to get the kill. For me Boyle's film is superior but that's not to say you should avoid World War Z. It's decent enough but just doesn't carry the same tension.
In fact I'm tempted to say that it's only when the film is drawing to a close that the real chills set in.


Hummingbird is yet another Statham vehicle. This time he's ex Special Forces and seemingly haunted by it. Returning to England on the run from court marshall he finds himself homeless and fairly bedded in to the homeless scene. He is of course also as hard as nails. The story sees him trying to go straight, seek revenge for a fellow tramp's murder, earning a ton of cash as a hitman, trying to right the wrongs of a failed fatherhood and seducing a nun that happens to run the local soup kitchen. It's very English and very average. I should have known better really. A Friday night movie it wasn't.


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