Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Writing to music

I have a very deliberate playlist set up on my iPhone. I call it "Chill". It's probably not what everybody would call music to chill to but I love it. It has an intensity to it that just hits the spot for me and, yes, inspires me to write. There's about a dozen tracks on there. Most of them are probably familiar to people. The ones that aren't familiar are, I think, quite accessible. They range in styles but are in most respects music from traditional bands. i.e. guitars, piano, drums and vocals. There is one exception.

Here's the list:

  • Easy Faith No More

  • Exit Music (For a Film) Radiohead

  • Hallelujah Leonard Cohen

  • Heartattack and Vine Tom Waits

  • Here with Me Dido

  • Home Kill it Kid

  • In Flight Linda Perry

  • Natural Blues Moby

  • Perfect Day Lou Reed

  • Porcelain Moby

  • Success Linda Perry

  • Time (Inception soundtrack) Hans Zimmer 

  • Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad Moby

As you can see there is a proliferation of Moby and a couple of Linda Perry tracks. This playlist was assembled rather hastily but god it's stuck. I play it a lot. There is just enough variation in there for me to not get bored and for it not to become total background music.

Normally I like library conditions when I write (and read for that matter). But I've proven to myself that that's not always necessary.

So as Dido sings to me I complete this blog entry and move swiftly along to my current project. It's all good.


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