Thursday, 5 September 2013

Moonlight drive

I was out late last night. Just with a friend. Sat down by a lake watching the water and the moon's glow as we "chewed the fat" and put the world to rights.
It was rather nice. I'm in desperate need of some sleep now but at the time it was just cool sitting with her in the company of the night and her [the night] many many secrets. We befriended a fox of all things. An opportunist, scavenging fox and in any other circumstances a bit of a nuisance I'm sure. But to me he was just this beautiful animal going about his business.

The spot where we sat isn't totally remote. In fact it's often quite popular with truckers and late night youths. But last night it was empty save for us. The only music we could hear was from our own car stereo and it felt pretty good just unwinding to The Doors, Moby and a select few others.

I don't get out and feel the chill of the night air often enough.
It's quite remarkable how much it can settle you just pitching up at such a serene spot when your day has been full of "stuff". Stuff that's hard to process and very hard to shift from the front of your mind. I do feel that I sit within these four walls just a little too much. Just because I am disabled doesn't mean I have to limit my opportunities to be outside in the real world. I can drive to most places of interest.

I have a car, a decent camera, a lot more free time than I once had... I think it's time to start planning a few more trips out. Especially as the seasons are about to shift and mother nature begins to show us her fantastic range of reds, yellows and browns.

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