Thursday, 12 September 2013

Location hunting and a much needed break

I have spent the last few weeks rearranging a story concept that I've been playing with for a number of years. A haunting tale of old English folklore, ghosts, demons and just plain "strange goings on". I have a pretty good structure to it now. A solid back story, a solid lead character and some pretty fantastic plot points and narrative.

The story is set in England in a mysterious old village. England is not without its villages and certainly not without its mysterious ones.
So I've made the decision to (a rather easy decision) clear off for a few nights in search of mysterious villages. I have a love of the lake district in the North of England so this seems like a pretty good base. I'll take an iPad, a camera, a laptop and plenty of inspiration with me.


The idea is that I will use a hotel or B&B as a base and then head off in to the hills, mountains and backwaters to find some suitably perfect (and slightly creepy) locations.

I have such a firm idea in my mind as to what the locations in the story should look like it will I'm sure be something of a eureka! moment when I find locations that fit the bill. I had initially looked at classic Tudor architecture. Wattle and daubed, black and white buildings leaning over in to narrow streets. York is full of them. As is my home town and several other market towns dotted around the country.
But I shifted the idea to accomodate more sandstone style architecture. I wasn't sure if the black and white might just look a little too Tim Burton. I love Burton's work but I didn't necessarily want it to have his style or that Grimm brother's quirkyness.

I rather like the idea of smaller houses in cobbled streets. Almost fisherman's houses. Small and irregular.
In some respects the photo of the village above epitomises what I'm after. Ignore the car :)
The cobbled streets, the textured housing. If the houses weren't painted it'd be better. But I love the way the light can play on the textured floor and walls. It would make for a fascinating looking visual.

So armed with a camera and a map I hope to find some stunning, forgotten little treasures. Once the camera is full I'll head back to the hotel, download to the laptop, head for a beer in the hotel bar and reflect upon a creepy and fascinating story coming together.

I've never done this kind of thing before. I've never really been able to. But circumstances are different now so I will take the opportunity. I look forward to being able to post some photos up on here.

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