Friday, 6 September 2013

Inception and inspiration

I watched the end of Inception last night.
It's a film that I'd wanted to watch for some time so was glad to have cleared my desk as it were such that I could relax for 2.5 hours and absorb it. And boy is it a film to sit and absorb. I'm sure you've read about Inception before. A film about the ability to infiltrate the subconscious and essentially change things. It's a wonderfully intenses tale of lost love shot with a deep and haunting sense of regret and isolation. The payoff is worth the wait though. Very much worth the wait.

A friend had suggested that if you ever wanted to teach narrative structure to a bunch of film students Inception was a perfect starting point. I'd go along with that. It's complex but it makes sense. I think that's the point. Within this world that the writer created it's fantastical for sure. But it all makes sense. The structure, the events, the rules, they all stitch together and make sense.

I don't intend to review the film. Not at all. I'd be here most of the day writing enough to do the film justice. But I would say it's a film to take quite seriously. It's not the sort of experience you want to have with a bunch of mates and a pack of beers. I imagine you'd be forever pausing to allow one of the group to catch up. No it's the kind of film that you'd most likely want to watch either alone or with your partner. Even then it's one to sit and concentrate to.
I enjoyed it very much.

Watching good films inspires me. If you've ever read my blog before you'll know that most things inspire me :) But a good film like nothing else can motivate me to sit and write or even change my hairstyle! Yup, it may sound naff but the power of cinema can affect me in any number of ways. More often than not these days it simply empowers me to write.

Inception has done that for me. I sit most days with an iPad Mini to hand within range of a WiFi signal so that I can update Google Drive documents. I have a ton of documents that are basically starting points or script / scene / plot / character ideas. If I'm out of range of WiFi I just use Pages and copy it all over once I'm back within range.
Good films (or TV shows, like Fringe) act as my drug. The more I watch the more inspiration I feel.
I've started to use books much more in this respect. Lately I'm poring through Jack Kerouac's On the Road. I like the style. I love the rapidly changing scenarios. It's accessible and an easy read. It also inspires me to write.

So now I'm on the look out for a new film for the weekend. Sunday is my film night. I chill out with a pizza and crank up Apple TV. If anybody reads this blog and has suggestions for a good new film with strong acting and a great plot please let me know :)


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