Monday, 9 September 2013

First day in a mainstream school for a boy with Autism

My son started primary school today. He's four years old and disabled through Autism. Despite this we desperately wanted him to have the chance to go to a mainstream school. He has little speech but there is nothing to suggest he doesn't have the ability to learn.

For three days a week he will attend a special needs school in the next town. Each morning he climbs on to a bus and seems to enjoy himself very much. For the other two days he will attend the mainstream school and his mum will drop him off.

My boy is a typical little boy of four. Full of mischief, energy and room for more food :) His appetite is somewhat throttled by a dairy intolerance but with a bit of careful shopping it's possible to provide a pretty normal diet. The consequences of him eating or drinking dairy produce vary. Sometimes he becomes, how can I put it, runny! Sometimes he is awake in the night - possibly an upset stomach - and sometimes he is affected by both or neither.

Within two hours of him being in the mainstream school I receive a call from his mum.

"School just called. He just drank half a glass of milk!!!"

According to the laws of Sod this was always going to happen.

I'm excited and nervous about my son's new chapter in his young life. It's hard enough to see your child go to school in the first place but for a child with special needs it feels like so much more of a wrench.

I cannot wait to see him later. Like any parent I can only  hope that first and foremost he is happy.


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