Monday, 9 September 2013

An early morning waffle

I enjoy that half an hour in the morning from climbing out of bed to climbing in the shower. It's pretty much my optimum time to sit and write this blog. Rather handily it's also a time when my head is full of thought. Some days the thoughts are not so printable, other days they're fine.

Today is a day when I'm not entirely sure what to think. Today is a waffle day!

I sat down to watch The Reluctant Fundamentalist last night via iTunes. It's OK. Keifer Sutherland plays his expected role and the other supporting cast (including Liev Schreiber and Kate Hudson) are adequate. But it's the lead role of Changez portrayed by Riz Ahmed (a London born actor and rapper with Pakistano origins) that really shines. A young and ambitious Pakistani from Lahore who rises sharply to the top of his game in New York City. Then following the terrorist strikes on the World Trade Center a dark shadow is thrown over muslims and indeed any foreign nationals living, travelling or working the US.
It's a lively yet intense view on this young man's struggle, a struggle that ultimately turns him away from his burgeoning career and sends him back home to focus his mind on the disgusting attitudes he encountered in the west.

I enjoyed it. It's possibly not a film I'd watch again but that's not to say it's weak. It's anything but weak. I would certainly look out for Riz Ahmed though. His ability to own the screen is quite rare. A fine performance.

There was very little that I could extract from the experience of watching this film that I could inject in to my own project. They are really quite different stories. The concept of a strong central character is a common theme, however. It's something that I could look at in more detail. The rollercoaster ride that young Changez endures has some parallels with my own protagonist. It's his response, his actions that clearly differ.

Next time I think I may pick a slightly more fantastical adventure story, or something. A series of intense films have slowly taken their toll!


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