Friday, 6 September 2013

A weekend at the movies

I love the weekends. Not just because it's the end of the working week and I get to socialise a little but because I have my children come and stay with me.

My son is a ball of energy. The minute he steps through my front door he's off and bouncing off the walls! For a couple of hours in the evening it's an exercise in trying to settle him and also of course having some fun. He has Autism.

My daughter is 5 years older than my son and she is quite happy to sit and watch TV, read a little, draw or flick her way around the iPad.

I adore my children and just love spending time with them.

madagascar2_posterIn the evening I put my son to bed and it's time for my daughter and me to settle down to a film.
I have several films available via Apple TV courtesy of some past purchases. More often than not though we download a new one.
In recent weeks we've watched some fine animations. Despicable Me, Monsters Inc., Rise of the Guardians, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and our personal favourite Madagascar 2. In just about every respect Madagascar 2 is perfect comedy. A beautifully presented story with some well defined characters and a healthy dollop of the ridiculous. Whoever dreamed up the chimps and pengiuns deserve an Oscar all of their own :)

So tonight we're "filming" again. I have the snacks and drinks all ready!

Sunday is the evening I dedicate to myself. I sit and browse for a film, order some pizza and chill out.

In recent weeks I've watched some cracking films and some duds. I don't mind the duds. For every 1 dud you generally get 4 or 5 worth the download fee.
Having recently watched Inception I'm probably in the mood for something a little more laid back. Perhaps more a Friday night film than a Sunday night affair. Something slightly less cerebral. Hopefully some day soon Pacific Rim will find its way to iTunes. It's a film I've not managed to get to see at the cinema. Shame as it looks like a pure cinema experience.

So this time around I'll perhaps look at something like After Earth.
Or alternatively look what I just found :)


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