Monday, 5 August 2013

Wind farms and the setting sun

Another early start today.
The coffee is on and I am looking to get a few more pages of the screenplay typed up.

I took some time out over the weekend to see some different sights. Living where I do it's not at all difficult to just point the car in any direction and head off for an hour or so and see something beautiful. I opted to head West and park up alongside the North Wales coast.


The picture was taken around 9:30pm just as the sun was dipping beyond the horizon. In the very distance you can just about make out the collossal turbines that comprise the North Hoyle wind farm.

This to me as a most inspirational scene and well worth the drive. I think I pretty much caught it at a good time. The contrast between the sunburst sky and the deep, shadowy waves in the foreground make for a great shot. I ran it through Instagram to help boost the contrasts.
There's something totally sci-fi about these structures just rising out of the sea and something equally mesmerising about them being just about visible with the naked eye. Something mysterious. I'm fairly sure that if I'd got up close to them the drama and overall effect may well be lost.


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