Sunday, 18 August 2013

Photoshop fun

Cloud city off North Wales

I've taken some time away from the keyboard to spend some quality time with my car and camera.
As usual several dozen shots reveal just a couple of pictures worth passing through Photoshop to clean up. But that's the thrill for me. I'm a fairly keen post-production guy in that sense. I'd love to develop my skills in this area. Possibly adding the 3D modelling string to my bow.

Something that I love about the Photoshop process is the opportunity to augment the image with something fantastic.
I have a library of shots that have been taken with exactly this in mind. The image above of the beach at Prestatyn with the North Hoyle wind farm project about 5 miles off-shore just lent itself to having something from science fiction planted in to the scene. What better than Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back !

I've decided to plot my way around the country to try and find some similarly inspiring locations.

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