Wednesday, 14 August 2013

In pursuit of happiness

What happens to a man when you remove the things that define him?
How might he react when faced with a total loss of control, purpose or identity?
What might be the worst thing that such a person could possibly face when he has what appears to be nothing left to live for?
How might a man devoid of hope or rational thinking feel about God?
Furthermore how might he feel about the exact opposite of all that is good when all that he sees is all that is bad?
Could a man quite literally handle going to hell and back? And if so how would he feel? What would he feel?

Herein lies the premise to my current project. An intense, brutal and eye-opening (for the author) account of the psychology of loss.

Essentially is it enough of a goal to have my hero simply seeking happiness? His own definition of happiness. Will the audience care enough?

The challenge I face as a writer is to define the scenarios that best portray my hero's loss and his adapting to his new environment.


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