Thursday, 1 August 2013

Early start to write

I am very much at full steam ahead writing my screenplay. The thrill of finally putting down all of those accumulated ideas from the last decade is immense. I genuinely feel like this has become not only a wonderfully creative exercise but also a seriously cathartic one.
A labour of love it may be but it's one that I'm passionate about and something that I will now most definitely see through to completion.

Ghost stories have always been my favourite. Creating my own folklore, back story and creepy scenarios is just a buzz.
I woke this morning at 5:30, put some coffee on and cranked up the laptop. It's remarkable how easily the words flowed from my mind to the keyboard.

This may well have been the worst year of my life in many respects but I'm trying to hold it together and be optimistic and pragmatic. And indeed certain elements of my failed marriage are making their way in to this story. Albeit through suggestion rather than any scene depicting a husband and fine separating.

Feeling creative if a little tired.

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