Thursday, 8 August 2013

Character development and the power of human emotion

I'm thoroughly enjoying writing again. I'm no professional but I have a clear idea in my mind for the story and how it should play out visually. The story I am currently planning is very much a screenplay.

Something that I've struggled with however is the development of my lead character - my protagonist.
I put him on such a rollercoaster ride throughout the story it's quite fascinating to juxtapose each scene (especially the intense ones) against the character that I have defined.

My story is a dark one. It's set against a bright backdrop. One of hope and love. A backdrop of optimism and plans for the future. Two people so deeply in love with one another that nothing it seems could tear them apart.
So what have I done? I've torn them apart.

My hero is a likeable, hard-working, loyal and wouldn't you know it handsome young man. A model boyfriend and all round good egg. Liked by his friends and family and adored by his girlfriend.

This is important. I want the audience to like him. I want them to feel real warmth toward him so that when the "event" happens they feel so utterly gutted that they are rooting for him to emerge victorious.
This young man with so much future. The model provider. A perfect blueprint for all men to follow. His future ripped away from him in a living hell.

The power of human emotion is just incredible. What it does to us internally as well as physically is quite terrifying.

I want to properly manipulate the audience's feelings toward my hero. I will surprise and shock them en route through the story as well as show them the power of the mind. Our ability to overcome anything with a positive outlook.

I decided on the ending for my story a long time ago. It will shock viewers but ultimately leave them with a strong emotion. Something that they will come back to in the future. For all the powerful and drama-intense scenes I have planned it is the final scene that will leave the mark.

Thrilled to have such clarity. I'm just sorry I cannot elaborate.


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