Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Morning coffee, inspiration and motivation to write

I spent last night working on my screenplay. A piece of writing that I've wanted to complete for years. Many years. About fifteen years to be precise.
Thanks to a little more spare time these days I'm able to spend my evenings working on it with some focus.

Most of the story, plot points and character definitions (there's really only a couple of characters) are worked out and written up so it's more a case of applying the first coat of paint to the script. By that I mean simply blocking out each area.
What I'll have then is a story that make sense and can be read but is perhaps missing those finer details that turn a story in to an engaging and hopefully rather intense experience.

I didn't sleep so well. In fact I probably got less than four hours. But this bizarrely helps me to focus first thing in the morning. More often than not when I've had great sleep I want to tackle everything. So much so that I can't decide and spend the first hour of the day not doing anything!

So today I woke, made coffee and fired up the laptop to try and progress the script.

When I was writing the proof for the story I was something of a method writer. I really needed to have library conditions and minimal lighting. Ideally I'd also be writing in the dead of night. It helped me to feel like I was in the story. It is after all a ghost story.

Right now I'm about 35 pages in. Roughly speaking that's 35 minutes in. For a planned 2 hour story that means I should have just passed the end of Act I. And I have!

My protagonist has just experienced something pretty incredible that has hurled him forward in to Act II. He's definitely not in Kansas anymore :)

I live to be creative and only recently this has involved writing so I'm thrilled to be actually getting somewhere with it.

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