Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Media blackout

I listen to the radio a lot. I love the sports. It's very much a car thing. I enjoy listening to live football in the car and political debate. Radio Five Live and Radio Four are great for this sort of thing.

The trouble with radio is the news. Actually it's not just the radio. The problem in general is the news. I have a deep loathing of the media and its portrayal of world events. The constant need for an angle - the obsession with body counts.

Near where I live around eight years ago there was a fire in a warehouse. It spread rapidly and before long Sky news, local radio, BBC TV - you name it, were on the scene. The flames were intense and watching from the office window I could see it all. We were all concerned for the safety of the workforce in there so we tuned the office TV in to stay up to date.
The fire raged for around four hours and thankfully nobody was injured. Not so much as a seared eyebrow. Remarkable really. The media dropped the story like a hot potato. It didn't even make for a major slot in the evening bulletin on local TV.

If at least one person had died it would have been national news with the media posing the question of who / what was to blame.

Yesterday lunch time I parked up with my lunch at a lake. I enjoy listening to the sport talk whilst I'm sat eating but I'd tuned in at the wrong time. It was news time. Several dead in a bus crash, several more dead in a rail crash and the country's a mess because the government has screwed up. Again.

I took the decision right there to try and live without the media for a week. No internet news, no Facebook (it has a way of finding you on there), no Twitter, no radio, no TV news and definitely no newspapers.. none of it.

I'm on day two and feel like a new man. Seriously. I feel good. The urge is strong to take a look. Of course. But I won't.

As poor a day as today is it's not nearly so poor as it might have been. I await the return of my creative urges.

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