Monday, 29 July 2013

Happy Sunday

Yesterday was a good day. Well it was certainly productive. I enjoyed just having the time and freedom to do the things that I needed to do as well as a few things I'd wanted to do for some time. Not least re-kindle my love for cooking.

But it was Sunday and as with every Sunday I treated myself to something to eat. After a week of Weight Watchers dieting (well, I downloaded that app for my iPhone that emulates WW Pro Points) and storing up points in the bank I like to blow them on something. Last night it was a Dominos pizza. Medium, thin crust Chicken Feast to be precise.

To compliment the take out I found a movie on iTunes to watch / stream to the big screen through Apple TV. I found The Happening.

Dear God what a terrible film. A real 1 out of 5. The 1 being scored for the potential rather than the execution.

Zooey DeschanelA real nonsense of a film from start to finish. Average acting, silly script, badly defined antagonist (no clear threat other than mother nature herself and the wind!), pointless plot points... I could go on. Still I'd spent £3.49 renting it so I was going to watch it. And now you don't have to ;) Perhaps the only saving grace was Zooey Deschanel. A lady with such hypnotically stunning blue eyes I just had to follow her through every scene.

The beauty of watching such a dud is that it opens my eyes to what to avoid when trying to write for the screen.
I myself am in the process of writing a ghost story for the screen. I've been trying to write it for almost 20 years. It's a tale right out of English folklore and something quite close to me. Perhaps a little too close. There's some potentially good stuff in there though and I'm keen to see it through. I think with a descent director and team it could certainly be transformed in to something pretty special.

I'll probably diarise the process of trying to bring a story to life over the coming weeks and months.

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