Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Feeling human

It's really quite remarkable what a good night's sleep can do for you. I'm not sure I've slept so solidly for months.
Rising from bed this morning I felt human. Not only that I felt tolerant of being disabled. The niggles of the usual morning routine seemed to blur to the point of being insignificant.

Last night I cooked a meal and settled down to write some more of the screenplay I've been trying to write forever.
It's a bit of a chilling ghost story so really does require a certain frame of mind. But I was able to shift my head around to it.
I'm around 14 minutes in to what I see as being a 2 hour story.

I watched the Doom movie. It's terrible. A wasted opportunity.
Karl Urban is a far better Bones in Star Trek than he is the lone marine on Mars.

I have friends over later for a meal.

I'm guessing the news is still preoccupied with the birth of a new Prince. Good luck to them.
I'm mildly amused at the amount of affection and attention from our American cousins toward the birth. I guess anything royal seems alien. It's all good.

Outside we have more sunshine. It's warm. Just like it has been for the last two weeks.

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